Fee calculation

In application of the rules of the Brussels Bar, our firm offers different formulas for calculating fees, depending on various factors, in particular the complexity of the question, the importance of the case, the nature of the duties to be performed, or even the urgency of the case. The method of calculation is fixed, with the client, from the start of the file.

To. The hourly rate

An hourly rate is announced to the client as soon as the file is opened. The fees are then calculated on the basis of this hourly rate, multiplied by the number of hours worked.

b. The package

In certain types of cases where all the tasks to be performed can be defined fairly precisely in advance, a lump sum may be preferred to a calculation based on the hourly rate that can be agreed with the client for processing the case. .

vs. The success fee

When the file presents an issue with economic benefits for the client, a success fee may be requested. It is calculated according to a sliding scale depending on the size of the amounts received or saved by the client.

d. Flat fee

For any case, and regardless of the method of calculating the fees used, our firm applies a flat rate of 23% on the amount of these fees. This flat rate is intended to cover the various costs related to the processing and management of the file, namely telephone and photocopying costs, consultation of databases, travel costs, correspondence costs, as well as share of fixed structural costs (premises, administrative staff, electricity, heating, stationery, etc.).

The amount of fees

Our firm tries, from the beginning of the file, to make the most precise possible estimate of what the amount of the fees will be, so that the client has a clear idea of ​​it. In a certain number of cases, however, this amount cannot be precisely determined in advance, as it depends on various factors, in particular the duration of the legal proceedings, the difficulty of conducting negotiations, the number of acts that must be carried out, or the introduction by the opposing party of an appeal against a first decision obtained, ...

Payment of fees

The payment of fees is spread over time. Before any intervention, the ethics applicable to lawyers of the Brussels Bar leads to requesting a provision calculated according to the importance of the file, the extent of the services to be performed and the estimated range of fees. While the file is being processed, interim statements are sent, requesting the payment of additional provisions based on the tasks performed and the services remaining to be performed. When the file is closed, a final statement of fees is drawn up, from which the provisions previously paid will be deducted.

The repeatability of fees

Since the entry into force of the law of 21 April 2007 relating to the repeatability of lawyers' fees and expenses, the party who wins the case at the end of the trial may be granted compensation aimed at compensating part of the fees out of pocket to retain the services of a lawyer. This indemnity is borne by the losing party. The amounts that can be recovered for the repeatability of fees are fixed according to a grid set by royal decree, and are based on the value of the claim at the origin of the legal action.


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